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My friend has a WD 1TB HDD placed in an external enclosure, he plugged the HDD into his Xbox360 and formatted it. Afterwards he wanted to format the HDD back to NTFS 1TB. The Hard Drive shows it's only 320GB and when you go into Disk Management there are no other partitions besides the 320GB one. After running Check Disk, Windows Surface Scan (by DTI) and Testdisk in linux the drive comes up completely clean. Can anyone help me get the disk back to 1TB.
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  1. There are no files on the disk itself my friend already reformatted it to ntfs, under disk management it shows the drive as being only 320GB when its supposed to be 1TB. So the drive has 1 320GB NTFS partition and nothing else on it.
  2. Hi there, I have exactly the same problem, this is the only place I have found someone with the same issue, did you find a solution to the problem in the end or did you decide to give up?
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