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Hello, today I received and installed a 7900 GTX card in my system. Running into a few issues and not sure if it is the card that is at fault. I noticed whenever I play HD content (1920 x 1080) I see quite a bit of artifacts throughout the video, resolution is not clear, very blocky/pixelated and sometimes grainy. Media Player Classic has a pink tint and color are oversaturated, VLC struggles to play this content, becomes blocky and stutters throughout. Also for some reason my mouse pointer has a pink tint to it. Photoshop CS5 I have noticed a performance improvement with this card, everything is smoother as far a zooming in and out of images when working on them. The video side of this card seems to be a downfall in performance for me, not sure if its the card or my system, any help is appreciated. I just recently upgraded my monitor from a 19" Dell CRT via VGA to a 23" Dell via DVI cable. My system build below:

Win XP Pro SP3
P4 2.8HT
Nvidia 7900 GTX 512 (using the latest drivers from Nvidia's site)
Corsair TX750 PSU
Intel 915GAG MB
Huey Pro Monitor Calibration Software
Dell U2311H 23" LCD IPS monitor (res 1920 x 1080, 60hz setting)
Western Digital 320GB SATA HDD
Western Digital 160GB SATA HDD
Samsung Spinpoint F3 2TB SATA HDD
Antec 300 Case
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  1. What was your card prior to the 7900 GTX? If it was an ATi card, the ATi drivers may be conflicting. Otherwise you could try underclocking it or undervolting it a little and see if it removes the artifactcs.
  2. I suggest that you go ahead and upgrade but to be sure do you got any games? Is it artifacting in SD content as well?
  3. Before this card I just ran everything off the on-board memory which was limited at 128mb. Funny thing is, with the on-board memory and prior Dell CRT 19" the HD content was quite clear but the display res was limited to 1600 x 1200.

    As far as upgrading I had the Nvidia 9800 series in mind, possibly a 1gb card. I don't have any games for the PC. I'd like to eventually get a BD-ROM drive, however I have to make sure my current processor and video card will be sufficient.
  4. A 9800gt will be overkill but since they are cheap I don't see why not plus they use less power than a single 7900gtx. I got the dual gpu version of this card (original monster) and its massive.

    7900gtx Duo but also known as the 7900gtx2
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