"Stuck" AM2 CPU Removal?

need to RMA my Abit MoBo, got heatsink off easily, releasing the lever loosens the socket, but the CPU is in there solid. Cant seem to (carefully) get knife or anything under the green PCB...hate to take a pliars to it, would like to use it on a new board. Any ideas appreciated...
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    This is new, are you sure that it's like glue stuck on? Try to lift it from two sides as AMD CPUs have pins attached to their botton side(Intel chips rest on top of motherboard pins).
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  3. Ended up pulling straight out via a pliers on the metal sides, using considerable force. guess it could have been corrosion or burned contacts tho didnt see evidence of either... hopefully i didn't damage the CPU, the test will be how/if it works with new mommyboard.
  4. Good luck to you then, hope it works.
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