Nvidia geforce g 105m graphics card v ati radeon mobility 4350

does anyone know which is better out of these two cards I have two laptops too choose from the hp dv7 3111ea with core i5 4 gb ram 500 gb hard drive 7200 speed nvidia geforece g 105 m graphics dedicated and the dv6 model with amd turion ultra m660 4 gb ram 500 gb hard drive I just dont know which one too pick with the best graphics cards thanks
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  1. 4350 is a little faster but both are low-end cards, so don't expect a great performance in games.(if you want to game)
  2. Its a moot point, as both will drive 2d and Video, but both suck at all but basic 3d gaming on low settings!

    Maziar has the answer though 4350 is slightly faster but still slow in 3d gaming. (mind you have installed a 4350 in friends machine as 1650pro broke and he does play lotro fine with this card on med settings 1280x1024) but laptop version is def slower than desktop version!
  3. Try to check this link to give you an overview on those chips' performance:
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