Is there any way to convert multi core to one faster


i like multi core, but for the 3d apps i am using some process aren't yet multithreaded and this is a terrible gap.
So i wonder is there is any smart way to use the multi core to work on one thread only, maybe with one as a master dispatching data to the other ?

strange question but if you understand the meaning this could apply to any non multithread app.

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  1. No, but you can overclock, what's your CPU?
  2. we have HP xw6600 with Xeon 5420 and 5440, but we cannot overclock them because of warranty/leasing and an hp motherboard maybe not so overclocking friendly.
    At home mine is o/c off course.

    Thanks for your answer
  3. If I understand your question, I think the answer is basically no.

    OTOH, your 3D apps is not the only thing running. You always have processes running in the background.
  4. Software will only multi-thread if it's written to multi-thread - you can't force it.
  5. Only shot would be if you can launch multiple instances of your app.
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