HDD's turning them selves off temporarily?

Every now and then after just browsing the internet without really using my drives, I hear one of them make a slight clicking noise, then a powering down noise.

Then as soon as I say open a shortcut on my desktop or enter a drive, I hear it start up again and it takes a few seconds

I have a Samsung F3 1tb and a WD2000JS 200gb, any way to turn this (what looks like to be) power saving mechanism, I want quick access to my drives at all times.
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  1. It's in power options. Go to change plan settings, find the setting on powering down hard drives and set it to "Never".
  2. Check your power options(in control panel). There is a setting to turn off drives, after a period of non use.
  3. Thanks guys, I assumed because I set it to High performance it wouldn't do that.
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