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So hey, I've bought a new PC a couple days ago and I'm looking for a new monitor because I'm still playing on 17" and 19" 4:3 monitors.
Now I want to take the step to the heavy gaming and buy a monitor for on my desk. My desk isn't too big and the monitor can't be taller in height then 45 cm.

Now what I'm looking for:

2ms / 5ms response time.
As high hz as possible.
Good image quality.
1920 x 1200 or 1080.
Will work smooth with my single 5850.
Will not cost more then 270 euro's / 310 dollars / 240 pounds (thats just a guess)

Just give a beep if you want to know more, I've been looking into the Samsung P2250 but I don't know if it's a good option.
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  1. It has just a standard 75 hz right? or is it 60 hz?
  2. Doesn't mention about the Hz in the specs...
    In the SAMSUNG site also don't mention about it:
  3. I think of going for the P2350 or the P2250 I don't know which yet
  4. I've used the P2450 and I was impressed by it.

    It's simple in design and looks and does the job.

    Personally, I would go for the larger screen. Preferably 24".

    What's in an inch you say? lol

    Good luck.
  5. 60Hz is standard for all DVI-D connections. 120Hz monitors uses dual-linked DVI-Ds.

    Some analog connections can do 75Hz (maybe as high as 85Hz), but generally gets scaled back down to 60Hz internally by the monitor.
  6. I have a syncmaster samsung that is 23 inches and full 1080 for only about 225 bucks. I bought it at sams club, ill look for a link.
  7. Well I have a desk where a part isnt so high, it's 46 cm high and the monitor needs good ventilation since it's on the top on the P2*50 series. the P2450 is 43cm high so the monitor has 3 cm ventilation. I guess that's enough because it's only on the far right side of the monitor. I guess I'll go for the P2450 then.
  8. Unfortunately from your first post I'm guessing you aren't in the US. Newegg currently has the P2450H on sale for just $220 but they don't ship overseas.
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