What are the default drive letters on asus p8p67 pro motherboard

Ie these;

E: /
D: /


Basicly I cant boot into my pc to check the drive letters and im formatting using usb and need to know the drives for bios.

I have

1 hdd

1 usb

I was guessing E for cd and f for usb?

But doesn't work, im so close to finally getting on, please help!

cheerz for not helping, 3.30am been trying to sort it all sinse 3-4pm :/
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  1. Bump


    Been working on this all day. All because I dont have a fudging cd drive compatible with the board ffs...

    just need someone to check there letters in "My Computer" on this board.
  2. nvm....I found it myself pure trial and error thnx for nothing...Im so shocked I actually did this. I never mess with bios and I basicly made the pc think the usb is a cd, without me knowing the letter of any drives!
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