Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse won't turn on, motherboard issue?

Hello, I recently built a computer and once I went to turn it on for the first time, the monitor, keyboard, and mouse wouldn't turn on. I read around and reviews said my motherboard recently had a bad batch, so I assumed it was dead and returned it. I bought a different mother board from a different company, and after it got here today, we rebuilt the computer, and the same exact problem happened. The monitor, keyboard, and mouse all work on other computers, I tried them.

Please help.. this is making me sick and demoralizing any future ventures of me building a computer..
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  1. Oops, I found this little guide:

    Sorry for posting before reading, if it helps any future readers, my problem was #1 on the guide hehe.. I didn't have the 8 pin in the socket for the CPU.
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