Can't set up SSD X3 Raid 0

I recently bought 3 Kingston Hyperx SSD Drives (120GB each) and planned on setting them up in RAID0.

Yes, I'm aware that I lose TRIM support when using raid0 but I wanted these drives like this so all my programs and my OS can be on my SSDs.

Anyways, I have all three of the drives installed and put in a RAID0 array, but windows doesn't want to be able to install to that location.

Motherboard: ASROCK Fatal1ty 990FX
CPU: AMD 6100
SSDs: 3x Kinston HyperX

I don't know how to put pictures in, but I have pictures of each step of the process.

The three drives are in a RAID0 array.
That array is selected as the #1 Boot option.
I put in my Mobo CD to install drivers for windows to be able to see the array when I am choosing where to install it.

The exact error is "Windows is unable to install to the selected location. Error: 0x803000001
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  1. You need to install the third party RAID driver during OS install.

    Look in here for that threads like that.
  2. try to get newer drivers from the manufacturer's webside?
    my windows saw my raid 0 array out of the box with no drivers necessary while installing it
  3. Can someone point me to the correct third party drivers?
    I mean, who is the third party? How do I figure out who makes the correct drivers? Is it dependent on Motherboard or SSD manufacturer?
  4. Okay so apparently I need the sandforce drivers. But now I can't find them anywhere on the net?
  5. I got it to install using the Windows SATA RAID drivers I found here:

    IDK if maybe I should have used the Marvell Sata 3 driver (RAID) instead though?
  6. why in the world would you want to install the OS on a disk system that has 3 times more chance of failing than on a single drive?
  7. I've never had a drive fail, knock on wood.

    I now have Windows installed on them but boot up isn't any faster. I just feel like the performance is not correct.
  8. there's 2 factors involved in boot up time - the speed of the motherboard to process POST and get everything in check, and then the load of Windows

    there's no way to get the load of windows to be less than (just a guess) 25 seconds

    so what time are u experiencing now?
  9. From the time I hear the POST "beep" (after showing mobo screen and raid utility scree, etc) to asking for a password, 21 ~22 seconds.
  10. it's not gonna get much faster- perhaps a second or two, IF that
  11. You need the SATA drivers for RAID, not the SSD's.

    Since you have an AMD CPU, you probably have an AMD chipset that run the SATA controller. THis is the driver you need. Check your mobo manufacture.

    Windows (7) only reconizes Intel based chipsets on install (up to Z68?).

    And like they all said, one SSD will be enough! You won't notice the difference between 1 SSD and 2 in RAID 0 (if they are SATA 3). So go the way without the risk.
  12. SSD's in raid are NOT really faster in raid - especially an OS(a lot of small files).
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