5770 or 250gts OC my cousin asking please vote

hi guys my cousin is planning to upgrade a video card 250gts OC or 5770 on a 22 inch monitor its a 1920x1080 resolution and his spec is this

Dual Core 2.6ghz
4g ddr2 800 kingston

which of this 2 card do you think will work fine on this rig??? guys

feel free to post thats all thanks :D :D :D
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  1. 5770 was my vote.

    250gts is not a competitor to the 5770. 5770 is DX11, 250gts is DX10. 5770 is much more capable a card than a 250gts, the performance difference probably larger than the price difference.
  2. The 5770 is newer technology, draws less power, and is faster than the GTS250. Simple choice.
  3. 5770 = new
    GTS250 = old

    i would def go with the 5770
  4. Yes, easy question to answer.
    The HD5770 is DX11 compatible, uses less power, supports 3 monitors and has more current video/audio playback features. It is also just a more powerful card for gaming and more appropriate for 1920x1080.
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