Upgrading from an Intel G33 Chipset - help needed.

I am looking into upgrading a family members computer, he plays WoW a lot and is disappointed by the lacking performance provided by the G33 chipset. Now, I have not been able to inspect the computer first hand, however using the model number (HP Pavilion a6433w) I have been able to determine that the graphics card options are somewhat limited, especially for higher performance options.

Its slots include 1 PCI, 2 PCIEx1 and one PCIEx16. As far as other specifications go,
Is about as good as I can do right now.

Please give your opinion on what would be the best route to go, he is pretty much open to any option.

I also have a question that is more installation oriented as opposed to decision making. The G33 is an integrated chipset, meaning you can not remove it, correct? SO does this mean upon installation of a new card the sytem will simply over-ride the integrated one or?

Thanks for the help. And yes, I realize I'm a computer newb.
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  1. Hello Cao,

    Yes, with the installation of a video card, the integrated video chipset will be disabled (with the exception of hybrid AMD motherboards).

    Regarding what to get:

    There's no details on HP's web site regarding the power supply, so I'll go ahead and assume it's either a 300 watt or 350 watt Power Supply. It's not a lot of power, so that limits you greatly in terms of what you can get.

    A good upgrade to consider would be a graphics card/power supply combo. Something like a 550 watt PSU and a GTS 250 would be plenty and would only run about $200 after tax and shipping
  2. My friend suggested this graphics card -

    He said since it is a low power model, it would not need a new power source...and would obviously be cheaper. What would be the difference in the performance between the GTS250 and the 9800GT?
  3. GTS250 is faster than 9800GT...
    I would say yes, if you have 300W on PSU, 9800GT EE edition wouldn't need an extra 6pin power connector, so it only use no more than 75W.
  4. Would the difference be obvious or hard to tell?
    I severely* doubt that this machine will handle anything heavier than WoW, no reason for him to spend extra cash when not needed.
  5. 9800GT EE edition is good because:
    1. I'm pretty sure your brother PSU is not high, so getting a card with an extra power connector is impossible.
    2. Any card higher than 9800GT will suffer bottleneck from his low CPU.
    3. He'll be fine if he plays at low resolution.
    4. No need to spend any more money on this machine, this card is the last. Save your money to buy a whole new system.
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