Long beep, Short Beep, then Long Continuous Beep

So I was helping my friend build his first computer today. We get all the parts in, and I am met by a beep code. I was kind of angry, this being my computer built out side of school. Funny thing is the beep code is found no where online.

When I run the system with just the processor I get a video error (long continuous beeps). Then I plug in the video card, run it and get a memory error (1 long beep, 1 short) over and over again. At this point i'm thinking it must be memory but I get the (1 long beep, 1 short, the a long continuous beep), which is not listed anywhere. All the parts are new so I am dumbfounded and don't know what to do next.

I reseated the processor and nothing. Tomorrow I m going to redo the thermal grease as we hd some trouble getting the heatsink one. Is it possible that I damaged the processor while putting the heat sink on?

The only other thing I can think of would be short, which I have no clue how to handle.
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  2. Update: I reapplied the thermal grease to the processor. Now I get no beeps without the videocard in. But once I put it in I get one long beep that doesn't stop. Does this mean the video card is bad?

    Update: Actually, now it only beeps when the video card is inserted. Even when the memory is out and just the processor is left in it dosen't beep!
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