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I am wondering if i am able to SLI and 8800GT with a 250gts?

Also, my mother board is an EVGA X58 LE and has 4 pci-e 16x/8x/4x/8x slots and 1 PCI slot. If i were to put a video card in the next 8x slot it would be extremly close to the 250gts and i am wored about heat. Would it be ok to put the other card in this slot dispite the small gap or could i put it in the other 8x slot further from the 16x original slot?

Further notes i am using the pci slot for my sound card as i do need 2 the other is onboard sound.
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  1. No you can't SLI them together as the 250gts is a rebadged 9800gtx, but you can use the 8800Gt as a Physx card for the 250gts
  2. yeah dedicated physx setup has some performance gain
  3. would i need to connect them using sli or just pop it on in there.
  4. Just slip it in mate, no extra fuss other than updating drivers. I hope your PSU is a good quality 600w or higher one.
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