Stupid Mistake with Retention Bracket

I just realized that I forgot to take off the retention bracket that was attached to the back side of the motherboard I RMAed (dead board, they already gave me another one, so I won't be seeing the old one--ever).

I was wondering whether there is a suitable replacement for the bracket, it was from the Xigmatek Dark Knight that was designed for the lga 1336. Does fry's or microcenter carry any sort of adapter kit that I could use for the heat sink? Thank you for your time.

P.S. This looked pretty similar but I'd prefer a walk-in store as I'd like to have my computer up and running before next week :p
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  1. I doubt you could get it from a walk-in. I don't recall seeing any Xigmatek products last I was in Frye's

    Amazon could get it to you Monday
  2. ks89 said:
    P.S. This looked pretty similar but I'd prefer a walk-in store as I'd like to have my computer up and running before next week :p
    That's not the right bracket. Choose the one proxy linked on Amazon (LGA1366 & LGA775), or if you still want to go with newegg, this is the right bracket (LGA1366, LGA1156 , & LGA775 support).

    BTW, I have a Dark Knight too. Tip- you don't have to use the adhesive to stick the bracket to the back of the motherboard. Just leave the release liner on the adhesive so you can re-use the bracket. It is extremely difficult to get the bracket off after the adhesive has been used so you may not have been able to use your old bracket anyway.
  3. It should not be terribly proprietary though. When I removed the predecessor to the DK, the S1284 from my CPU and replaced it with a Swiftech water block, the screws were the same size and I just left the old bracket in place.
  4. Thanks proxi and rwpritchiet! It turns out my microcenter has both of the ones you two suggested. I just have one quick question, what's the difference between the Xigmatek ACK-I7361 Crossbow Bracket (amazon link) and the one linked on newegg (XIGMATEK ACK-I5361).

    Is it just that one has i5 and i7 support and the other just has i7?
    Also, I'm afraid to leave the release liner because of the whole paper and ESD thing, although it seems to have worked out for you and a lot of other people! I don't think I'll be changing motherboards for a while though :P

    Thank you once again, you guys are saving my neck (and my computer)!
  5. Yes the shape of the bracket can be important on some boards because they have electronic parts on the back side that could come in contact. The screw hole size should be the same in all, it's just the placement that varies on each socket type.
  6. Thank you for your help!
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