Upgrade from 8600GT ..

Okay one of my friends has a HP computer with a "low wattage" psu its 290w currently there is 3gb ram q6600 and a 8600GT

id like to know how much power the 5750 uses and if that would be useable.

what is the best upgrade he could do? :)
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  1. No, the HD5750 is quite low power for its performance but putting it on an 290w PSU is asking for too much. The max I would try is an HD5670.
  2. Yes iwas thinking the same 5750 really high end card for so low psu usage . but what do you think about the upgrade from 8600gt to 5670. the 5670 is alot faster. :)
  3. It should be well over twice as fast.
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