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Hello,i have samsung monitor 17 inch crt 3 yrs old monitor displays red color i opened it today and cleaned picture tube carbon and after starting everything was good but thereafter 30 min it again back to its problem please help me out what should i do??
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  1. I have totally no idea what you are talking about but have had issues before with a pink tinge to the monitor caused by the cable connecting the monitor to the PC.

  2. check you cables...

    Check connection at your video output on the computer itself and the rear of the monitor.

    Try wiggling (gently) the connection and see if some color changes. Try an different (new or known to work) cable.

    Other than that it the monitor itself could be damaged.

    good luck to ya
  3. This ended up being a problem with the VGA port on my PC... I recently installed a GPU for the "first time" and noticed it was not displaying red. It shows up fine through HDMI... It was a new GPU and the install did not go as smoothly as it could have, so I think it was something I did...
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