Do Dell Underclock ?

hi, i am thinking of buyng a Dell xps8100, it has an ati 5770 gpu, I have heard rumours that Dell underclock this card as the pc only has a 350watt psu, I spoke with Dell and they informed me that they do not underclock(but something inside me thinks they are not being totally truthfull).

Has anyone purchased one of these machines and tested this card to see if it is underclocked?, if so does it have a big impact on gaming?
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  1. They dont, the 5770 doesnt need much power so you can get by with it on a 350W unit. OEM PSUs are good for exactly what they put in, nothing more. We usually recommend more powerful units than what an OEM would put in because most people here want to be able to add something in down the line and it helps it run more efficiently.
  2. thanks for your reply.

    So when gaming and the card is pushing itself will the 350watt will be able to take the load?
  3. Dell PSUs are actually pretty good and the power output is also slightly understated.

    Their PSUs are made by FSP (Fortron Source) and are known for making good quality PSUs.
  5. yes it will...thats why they have installed it in can trust them
  6. Don't give it a second thought. Dell PSU's are good quality units. You can be sure it will run whats in the box and then some. Dell don't want to take a chance that any of the parts will crap out through lack of power.

  7. okie thanks guys, much appreciated feedback...:)
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