ACER AMD4200+ 2GB 6150SE 430 NVIDIA

I'm pretty tech smart but i'm having this issue with my friends computer and i cannot figure out which peice of hardware is causing this issue therefor i will ask this community.

Computer specs are in the title..

He had major slowdown issues to start with in VISTA. If you go to do anything that accessed the cpu or hdd it would take up to 5 min.


Installing google chrome took 25min
Opening windows explorer 5min

So i did a fresh reformat and put windows 7 on the computer

After format i was installing a few programs but it was still taking forever, I installed google chrome and it took another 25 min from which you could not do another single thing on the computer while it was going. I mean opening windows explorer would cause the google install window to go un-responsive, then around 2-5 min later windows explorer would open and the google install would become responsive again. Doing a search in the start menu would not work at all, all you would see is searching for....but you would get no results, I'm sure if i waited long enough "notepad" which is what i was searching for would have showed up.

Doing even the simplest of tasks takes forever.

I've tried everything for fix this problem but i can't track down the issue. No issues in device manager, No BSOD just super slow.

On a fresh format we can rule out a virus or malware.

I am pretty sure its hardware but what?

Any suggestions?

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  1. 1. 2GB by no means is enough...

    2. Scan for Virus,etc using Hirens Boot CD,etc.

    3. Make sure that the CPU is not over heating and the HDD is defragged and that Indexing is correctly set.

    4. If there isn't much important stuff on the PC, wiping it and re-installing the OS would be the easiest option. This way, you can start fresh and eliminate any virus,etc related problems.
  2. It is on a fresh format. 2GB is tons. I have a computer with ddr400 2gb windows 7 and it runs super smooth. CPU is within its thermal specs.

    HDD passed all tests i ran on it. HDDTACH and the Western Digital one.
  3. How do you correctly set Indexing?
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