Replacing some computer parts -NEED REPLIES FAST-

Okay, so, my sisters computer is a 2004 dell with some pentium processor, and they hard drives failed. Now anyways, I got 2 computers, and one is an hp I got as a gift. It has 6gb of DDR2 that I'd like to reuse. My other computer, which is what I'll be giving, consists of an athlon x3, 4gb ddr2, and an asus 785g matx mobo.

I'm going to pretty much combine both the hp and my current computer together for a new one. The questions I have are

1) Can I just plug in and use the hp ram?
2) Should I trust the hp oem psu?

What I'm planning on doing is to empty out my hp computer (and store the stuff in it of course) Put in my asus motherboard, cpu, and ram. Then, add in the 2 extra ram slots 2 more gbs of ram. After that, boot up the computer, install windows, and bam! Got a new comp

What do you guys think? Thankfully she has everything saved on an external hard drive

I need info asap, since she has school tomorrow
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  1. You can reuse all the hp stuff except the hp software, so I'll assume you have a new windows coa. The hp ps is crap, but it should work as long as you use the onboard video with the 785 board. I would replace it with a 400w antec or corsair as soon as you can, or go higher on the wattage if you ever go for a mid to high end video card.
  2. I'm gonna use onboard, and I'm just wondering if the ram will have some sort of bloatware or something on them that'll prevent me from using them. The oem will be replaced, it's probably some 240watt matx psu anyways. I'm waiting for an earthwatts to be on sale =)
  3. The hp ram should work fine in the new board. I still use my old compaq ram made by crucial. I have tried both 667 and 800 speed ddr2, and couldn't tell the difference in normal applications.
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