Green Pixel On Monitor. HELP

I got a brand new Acer 20" beautiful monitor. But it has 1 GREEN pixel. Sort of annoying. Is there a way to fix it?
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  1. Nope.
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    There are things you can try. Some of it im sure is like old wifes tales and just get spread around forums. For what its worth.
    Things i have seen posted.
    Gently masage the area with a clean Q Tip. the treort here is that its stuck and needs a prod to get it moving again.
    Gently tap the screen with your finger, same reason.

    On a more realistic note i have hundreds of CD's here with calibration/Check/Dead pixel checker/Fixer etc. So it would stand to reason that if they come on a free disc then you can Google them as well.

    What you really need is someone who has been there and fixed it.

    Hope you get it to work properly. Chances are it wont though im afraid.

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  4. You could try these methods but in my case i bought a samsung 24inch and it had the same thing.. tried all these methods and none worked after about a month or so i called samsung and they replaced the entire panel as they carry a pixel perfect warrenty.. ive read where people will say a warrenty may not cover a stuck pixel but i dont think you should accept a faulty product straight out the box...... Good Luck
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