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I had a zotac 9800 gt amped. 512 ddr3 256 memory interface pci-e card. it died. just in cast the company tells me that its not coverd by the lifetime warrenty, what card for under 125.00 would be the same or better to buy, please let me know. thank you
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  1. HD4850, GTS250 will be a better buy performance wise then there are still 9800GT.
  2. these cards are better than the 9800gt? or the same?
  3. slightly better the gts 250 is really just a rebadged 9800gtx+ so you'll get 16 more cores and better clocks, the 4850 is roughtly the same performance as the gts 250 so you'll see a slight upgrade in performance
  4. Hey mate, Jus spend a few more dollars ( you can get for as low as $130) in HD 5750 1GB. You get DX11 , TrueDTS/ HD- DTs bitStreaming from this card. It beats a GTS 250 for its price
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