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Hey Folks,
I am going to invest in a new system soon. Im making a bold move from Intel to AMD because of the price bracket and ive always been a die hard ATI fan so im looking at a Phenom II x6 and
2 crossfire HSI HD5870's
Now thats a nice setup and all but i have 2 more PSI slots on my Crosshair formula IV. Here is my Question/query -> I have an old radeon x1330 lying around gathering dust and its in pretty good condition. I i stuck that card into one of the other PCI express slots would it contribute to the Crossfire setup at all? Or could i implement it as a Physics card. Now i understand that ATI dont really have a physics system like Nvidia but could i say get Physx working on my X1300 PRO with that physX mod thats out there?

Let me know what you think
Best Regards
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    It wouldn't contribute to crossfire at all

    and if a physics api comes out and uses ATI hardware it will more than likely use OpenCL (and be able to use NV then as well) which isn't supported at all for the x1330, hell even the first Close to Metal GPGPU approaches can't be done on the 1330

    just keep it around for a spare just in case
  2. mindless728 is right on target. The x1300 will not support CF nor Physx. It is a great card to keep on hand as a spare or for troubleshooting. Good luck!
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