Motherboard Stuck on "FF" Error

Hey Guys,

I just bought a new processor and motherboard. I bought the AMD Phenom II Six-core 1090T Black Edition and the MSI 790fx-GD70 and New DDR 3 ram.

I have honestly been working with this for at least 10 hours straight now and still no for sure answer. I have done everything I could google. I re-installed the motherboard 3 times making sure to get every specific detail down I even walked through the manuals.

It sounds like it starts up fine... all the lights are on fans running and everything I can hear my Hard drive spin and my CD-Roms works when I push open, but it won't display anything on my monitor and I know there is nothing wrong with my monitor.

I'm also sure there is nothing wrong with my RAM I have 2 stick of DDR3 Ram 4 Gigs each. I have swapped them out and put them in each slot individually 1 at a time and it does't help. I have pushed reset on my bios and clr cmod as well. Nothing is working =(

Alright so this is what I think the problems could be ... They are all so probable it's hard to tell which if not all are causing it.

1) When I first put the CPU in the Mobo I bent a couple pins but I fixed them.
2) I only have a 250 watt PSU .. It ran my other system perfectly...
3) The motherboard was DOA.. There were a lot of reviews on newegg saying they had one DOA.

Please help me out guys
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  1. That 250 watt power supply is not going to cut it your going to need a bigger one
  2. My GPU is a 7600 gs its nothing special. Also, I do not hear any beeps during the start up. I know I need a bigger power supply I play on getting one today but I would think the computer would at least boot with 250 watts.

    Do you think that the board isn't compatible with the new processor I heard a lot of people with a six core say that the bios needed to be upgraded enable to use it.. but I can't get the computer to display anything to upgrade it.
  3. The card works. I can't install my old CPU into my new motherboard, they have different sockets.

    could i put my old motherboard and processor in download the upgrade make a boot file then put my new mobo and cpu and put the boot file in?

    Keep in mind my display doesn't work while using the new mobo and processor.

    Thats my main problem.
  4. Also, I noticed a lot of LED's aren't working on the front side of my desktop that should.. I followed the mobo directions on where to put the cords so that it lights them up but they didn't work. I put the cords in another spot and the lights worked but the buttons didn't so i switched it back... Does this mean anything?
  5. I don't know it's a msi 790fx-GD70. The LED's on the case of my chassis won't work. and sometimes the reset or power button didn't work. I followed the directions on where to plug them in perfectly I did it a few times actually.

    My motherboard did spark and start to smelt burnt =(

    I don't know what the problem is the CPU or the Motherboard because both of them had something happen to them!
  6. I just got it yesterday.. I'm just gonna see if i can return both of them and get new ones =(
  7. Hey, I found out what the problem was.. On Newegg there was a bundle deal that was the AMD Phenom II Six-core 1090T Black Edition and the MSI 790fx-GD70 ....

    Well MSI Contacted me and told me that the 1090T Won't work with the motherboard until the bios is updated. So I have to update the bios of my Motherboard before using a six core processor....

    This sucks because

    1. They sold the products as a package deal. I would assume they would work together.
    2. Took me awhile to find all this out.
    3. I wouldn't think many people have an extra am3 lying around, so I'm going to have to send it to MSI for them to update it for me.

    I hope this Helps anyone that has been looking frantically for a solutions like i had been.

    hopefully this will save them weeks of searching
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