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Enough power or upgrade PSU?


I have a Dell XPS Studio 435T that I bought a year ago. It's specs are as follows:
i7 920
4GB 1066 DDR3 Dual Channel RAM
500MB 7200rpm HDD
1TB 10000rpm HDD
Nvidia GTX460 1GB OC (newly bought replacing an ATI4850)
XiFi Titanium
Windows Vista 32Bit OS
PSU 475W (the wattage isn't listed anywhere on the generic PSU, this is a guestimation from googling my PC model)

My question is this. Is the PSU generating enough power to run the above system? I am planning on adding a Seagate Momentus 500GB and upgrading to Windows 7 very soon, as well as probably upgrading RAM; how about with these additions?

The GPU upgrade has produced some rather uninspiring performance boost. Does the PSU in any way affect a GPU's performance?

Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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  1. A better PSU wouldn't hurt if you have cash to spend. Try getting a seasonic 520
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    (1) 475 Watts should be fine - Cavet, how much is the 12 V rail (unk). Might try locating a model number, or Part number and do a google search. Not a lover of generic PSUs - Concur with alikum's suggestion, also consider a Corsair - on sale. Baring that.

    (2) Adding a addittional HDD and going to win 7 - Not much effect as HDD is anly going to add 10- 15 W ( your current configuration is probably arround 350 W under load.

    (3) Recommend downloading CPUID HWMonitor and install. With it running, run Furmark, in a window, (A free download). Note the change in +5 and +12 V. +5 V MUST not drop below 4.75 V and +12 V min is 11.4 V (I personnally use 11.6 V as a Min)

    If everything looks good, then when you can afford a good PSU on SALE, do it
  3. If your system isn't crashing or freezing up under load, then there's really no reason to get a new PSU. The reason you didn't see much of an upgrade in performance is because the GTX460 isn't that much of an upgrade over the 4850. I think off the top of my head, about a 20% increase, which is something, but might not be noticeable. If you take a look at,2761-7.html you'll notice its only 1 tier difference.
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  5. Just want to thank everyone that offered advice to my thread. Much appreciated. As my system isn't crashing, I'll hold out on the PSU upgrade until a later date (sale time).

    Thank you everyone.
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