4gb supercombo or no discount 8gb

ok so theres a combo i want from newegg but the combo only has a 2x2 gb memory setup for it, my budget is 2000 and theres alot of stuff i want to jam into it, im wondering if 4gb is enough to run the newest games on my 24 inch 1900x1080 monitor while i surf on my 27 inch lcd tv at 1300 X 720 and not effect my gaming performace AT ALL, thanks. :bounce:
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    I would add the same amount of memory to the combo price which would give you 8 gigs of memory. just make sure it is exatly the same. Check the motherboard and see how much memory it will hold. I read that it will hold up to 32 gigs of memory. So you could add what ever you want.
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