Will my psu support 2 gtx 460s in sli?

hi will my psu (GIGABYTE® ODIN 720W 24-Pin Power Supply, 4 Molex & 6 SATA Power Connectors, Intel LGA775 Ready & Approved, Includes Power Cable) support 2 GIGABYTE® nVidia® GeForce GTX460 - 1GB GDDR5, 256-Bit Memory Bus, PCI Express 2.0, 2x DVI, 1x Mini HDMI, HDCP Compliant in sli? i have a i5 760, thermalright venomous x rt cpu cooler, gigabyte ud4p motherboard, seagate barracuda 500 gig hdd and 4 gb transcend JetRam?
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  1. Can you provide some more information on the PSU, since I can't find much on it. Can you tell us what the AMPS are on the 12V rail(s)?? This will tell us if it'll work or not. The 720W's is enough but if your AMPS are enough on the 12V rail(s), your PSU will give out in an SLI setup.
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