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hi i had this intel pentium D 3.2 ghz when checking the temp in the bios it ran @ +-30 *c but in windows if i just start to play a game it go's up to 100*c
and idle @ 40 *c not over clocked at all. why would it do this? thermal paste was fine and tried a bigger cooler asswell.
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  1. Heatsink not properly installed, poor airflow through case, malfunctioning temperature sensors.
  2. ^+1 I agree. With the third possibility as most likely. Since the OP didn't say anything about the PC shut down by itself.

    @Fannels: Did you experience any auto shut down issue?
  3. ^exactly what we need from you to be able to help you.
    You haven't overclocked, right?
  4. ^ :lol: sharp eyes there... I didn't notice that one
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