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On Task manager I have 3 winlogon proceses one has "windows logon application" description and the other two have "desksave" description one of this two uses 100% of my processor I ran antivirus tests and problem wasnt solved then i managed to delete those things and the cpu usage went to zero but everytime i reset or turn on the computer those things are back please can you help?
Im using Avast as Antivirus
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  1. desksave result in google sounds like a program, just go to programs and feature and uninstall it

    Do step 1-3.

    Also do a complete scan with your current anti virus.

    Then run in elevated cmd, "sfc /scannow" without quotation mark.
  3. Thank you Pyree it helped a lot. Desksave was somekind of virus it was never installed in my computer
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