PC wont turn off after installing CPU?

Hello All,

I have just replaced my Dual Core E2200 (2.2GHz) CPU with a Core 2 Duo E8400 (3.0GHz). My PC runs a lot quicker, and I like what I see, but, My PC wont completely turn off when shutting down. It hangs / freezes where it says Windows XP is Shutting Down, does anyone know why this is?

I have literally just changed the CPU only, not changed no settings or BIOS settings (I wouldn't know what to change or how to change it).

I have checked with my Motherboards website and my CPU is definitely supported....

Any ideas with the power problem?

Thank you.

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  1. Most likely CPU to OS compatibility issue. I assume you only replaced the CPU without reinstalling the OS. Although I've seen a poster who've successfully swap his HDD from his old Motherboard to a new one and find it working, there's no guarantee that a change of hardware will not affect the OS' performance. The data however, under the same platform (Intel) can still be backed up. The integrity of the OS itself is the one in question.

    Moreover, the above said poster who swapped his HDD, note this, is still using the same CPU. All the more reason why you need to suspect the CPU swap as the cause of your issue.

    With that being said, I suggest to reinstall the OS first. Good luck!
  2. Do I do a complete OS erase first? Then install OS. My PC is not even allowing me to fully install software as I get a blue screen when I attempt to install anything. I have checked my motherboards website (MSI) and it appears that there is an update on the BIOS.

    So to flash my BIOS I have to install 2 files on a flash drive and then boot pc from the usb stick, but the pc just wont boot these 2 files from the USB stick at all, without doing this I cant update my BIOS to accept my Wolfdale CPU, I think my pc still thinks its using my old E2200 cpu (even thats its not)....

    Flashing the BIOS is now the problem, all I need to do is boot 2 BIOS files from my stick and then my BIOS is upgraded, but its just not booting, it just hangs!

    Im rather lost.....
  3. EDIT: I dont have a floppy drive either to make a boot floppy!
  4. Okay, here's how I think you should do it:

    First of all, back up your data to another media (DVD, external HDD, etc). Then commence a full re-installation. Meaning, you reformat the HDD at the Windows installation process.

    Which reminds me... You do have the OS Installation CD, don't you?

    The next steps are as easy as 1, 2, 3... I'll give you the details if you understand my explanation so far. I assume you're using Windows, but a little more info on the OS would be nice. What OS are you currently using?
  5. Hi There,

    I am using Windows XP32 SP2. I do have the installation CD, although Id have to have a look for the CD Key (written down somewhere). The CD was a little scratched last time so I hope that all the files will download from the properly.

    Backing up my data will take some time, so bare with me on this one.....

    So re-installation of Windows could do the trick, and the BIOS update is a seperate issue?

    Cheers for you help, its much appreciated.

  6. EDIT: Does XP32 support my core 2 duo E8400? That could be an issue alone I'm thinking.
  7. Take your time, we're here to help. Just let us know when you're done :)

    Like I said before, it is most likely a CPU to OS compatibility issue. In details, the pre-installed Windows XP is installed for the dual-core. With a different CPU, the integrity of the OS is altered.

    If you're curious, check the My Computer properties. Did it changed to Core2Duo? Even if it is, the OS still acts as if the CPU is your old dual-core, which is why you're having issues with the OS.

    Yes, the XP definitely supports your new CPU ;)
  8. Hi firstly my pc spec....

    Motherboard: MSI945GCM7
    Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 3650
    Memory: 2GB RAM (1 STICK)
    CPU: (OLD)E2200 (NEW) E8400
    OS: XP PRO 32 SP2
    PC Was from Arianet around 2 years ago.

    The Windows Installation that is currently on my system is corrupt because my install CD was badly scratched, and quite a few .dll files are not present which makes the OS unstable such as (not able to do system restore etc). Under properties of MyComputer it does not mention cpu type, just mentions memory only.

    But Windows does run ok.

    I have only mouse, keyboard and wireless dongle connected to the 4 usb ports, I have 2 spare usb ports on side of my pc case.

    I cant flash / update my bios because it wont allow me to boot from a memory stick, it just wont boot (even though I can select how I want to boot from bios), when I reboot; the screen goes blank, the cursor flashes a few times and just starts-up windows as normal even though I have selected to boot from flash, I have tried 2 usb dongles, and neither boots from them.

    I have also tried flashing BIOS in otherways such as an online utility that does it for you, this does not work either:


    I have also watched the video time and time again that tell you how to do it, but booting from flash doesnt work (I have no floppy either).

    Heres the video, ive followed it, but bios flashing wont boot from usb dongle:


    who knows what to do, OK, I can back up my files and reinstall windows (maybe buy a new disk) but dont I need to update BIOS, but if my pc wont let me flash it, then Im buggered!


  9. AFAIK, BIOS flashing is the last thing you should consider. You only need to do this if you're 100% that the PC's acting weird even after reinstallation or a new hardware upgrade requires it. For older models, I heard flashing can cost you the whole board being corrupted. I'm not familiar with MSI brands, since yours is not an "ancient" model, the BIOS should be more reliable. For the safe side, consider BIOS flashing as the last resort. So it's safer to reinstall first, check for any abnormal behavior from the PC, then if necessary, flash the BIOS. I do hope you don't have to it though, as little as the risk maybe, it's still a risk you should take.
  10. ^That will put his budget in question. I agree about upgrading the OS, since the OP has already lost the possibility of using his XP CD.

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