ASUS P5Q-E (chassis intruted fatal error ... System halted)

i have asus p5q-e motherboard ,i fix in the casing lian li pc 60 plus ...
there is no chasis switch in this case
problem is this when i fix motherboard in casing this error occur

"chassis intruted fatal error ... System halted"

i can access on bios after clear the biso then i restart ,then again this error occur ...
i cant find any option in bios to turn off this ...
help me out Sad
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  1. There is a 3-pin header on this board between the floppy connector and the super-io chip (up in the top-right corner, near the ram slots) that is used for intrusion detection. Ensure that there are no jumpers or connectors attached to it. If nothing is attached, and you've already cleared the cmos, call asus for support.
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