SSD Issues!

I just recently decided to upgrade to an Intel SSD 330 Series (180gb) as my OS Hard Drive. Instillation of windows and the SSD was completed without any Issues.

After a few hours i started experiencing intermittent lag, mainly noticeable with my cursor and skipping while playing movies. I reinstalled windows on to a sata hard drive as well as in raid 0 with the SSD, both without any dramas.

Is there anything i can do to solve this problem as i want the SSD to remain the primary hard drive for the benifit of a quick boot and processing time?
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  1. First, are the ssd set to ACHI at installation and check the TRIM is on...

    Second, as far as I know it not supposed to raid an ssd.... (not much benefit, some prob might happen)

    third, some ssd had problems with some sata controller chip so try using different port..

    four, try update the ssd firmware...
  2. If I read this correctly you are running a mechanical drive in a raid 0 set with your ssd, this is a very very bad idea. Perhaps someone else will explain further on why, but basically you need to break that raid set, hook only the ssd to the system, and install windows to the ssd. After you get win setup and running properly connect the sata drive and use it for storing larger data files etc.
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