EVGA GeForce 9800 GX2s No POST

Hi. I just got two EVGA 9800 GX2s and it doesn't seem to post. I put in an old GeForce 6600 and it works fine. However, when I put any of the 9800 GX2s it doesn't work. I put them in one at a time. It detects it and seems to be fine but it doesn't POST and nothing is on display.

I have a P7P55D Pro
Antec 1000w True Power Quattro
4gb OCZ Ram
i5 3.33 Ghz Core2Duo

Anything that should be wrong? Or does it seem like both GX2s are defective?
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  1. Did you do a proper driver removal prior to installing the GX-2? You might have old leftover files that conflict with the GX2.
  2. I just newly built this rig. I didn't even install an OS and such. Should that matter? I only used the GeForce 6600 for troubleshooting purposes.
  3. Not really but it would help to test the cards on a comp that already has an OS installed. This way you can rule out if they are defective or not, it's also highly unlikely that both cards are defective unless they overheated or they were not taken care of properly in the past.
  4. Is 400w PSU enough to run one?
  5. Nope, you need at least a good 550w (600W recommended) or greater with a 6pin +8pin power connector.
  6. Well I'm just going to have to install an OS on the current rig using the old graphics card and see from there. :)

    I'll update.
  7. Okay well I installed an OS on the current rig and so far, I'm having no luck plugging in the 9800 GX2 afterwards. Is there any other reason it wouldn't be working?

    To the extent of my knowledge it would seem to be a deficient GPU but it would be highly unlikely for two. What else would be the problem? There shouldn't be any problems in compatibility right?
  8. My suggestion would be to try the cards on a different PC if possible. This way you will get a definitive answer.
  9. I'll be trying that out soon. I'm going to try it out on a friend's computer. If they both don't work then I can be sure that they won't work huh?
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    If you try them on a different PC that is using an Nvidia card and the outcome is the same then yes it most likely they are dead.

    Check your PM's
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