"Manufacturer refurbished" Intel CPUs - worth buying?

Hi All,

I'm looking at buying a replacement Intel CPU and sometimes see the term "manufacturer refurbished" on some CPUs.

I can guess what this means, but it just seems a little unusual for a manufacturer to refurbish a CPU - I mean, what exactly do they do to it, apart from giving a good clean? :)

Has anyone any ideas?

Are they worth buying or should I stay clear?

Thanks v much for your thoughts
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  1. dued they aint gonna sell it if its not working, its a cpu, short of purposefully trying to wreck it, theyre invincible
  2. I would think that the term "manufacturer refurbished" refers to the entire computer build itself, but ...

    If it refers to a specific CPU on sale (which I've never heard of :) ) as long as it comes with a factory warranty I wouldn't worry about it.

    ... Unless it had brown scorch marks all over it - LOL
  3. lol. OK... Just seems really strange why (as you say - they are invincible) CPUs need to be reconditioned/refurbished in the first place?
  4. If someone sent them back (RMA) then they test them, figure out that the user was a dumbass, and then re-sell them. Decent chance the CPU is one that the user either:

    Didn't need.
    Wasn't socket compatible with their motherboard.
    Didn't OC as well as someone wanted.
    Was bought a week before major price drops so they return + rebuy.

    The CPU should be fine; they are near indestructible.
  5. gotya - thanks, Dekasav.
  6. Not sure about refurbished CPUs but refurbished phones are bullshit. Just from my experience, they don't take care of anything labeled 'refurb'. This is only from my phone experience though - had dust all over it, scratches on camera lens and front screen, some kind of weird mud/grit. This is on an Evo 4G too. I demanded a new phone and got it after warning to call the better business bureau.

    Just be weary is all - 2 cents.
  7. You CAN NOT refurbish a modern day CPU. It is impossible. However, some websites/people may label "Open Box" CPUs as "Refurbished" but this is not accurate. Refurbish != Open Box.
  8. haha thats what i was thinking, how would you refurbish a cpu? you're not exactly going to be switching off voltage regulators and capacitors, i saw some of those refurbs advertised right before i came here, thats funny. maybe they fixed some broken pins and called it refurb.
  9. ^ Possibly. But current Intel CPUs (775 and up) don't use pins on the CPU...
  10. they test it, clean the old thermal paste off and put it in a little plastic CPU packet = refurbished.
  11. iam2thecrowe said:
    they test it, clean the old thermal paste off and put it in a little plastic CPU packet = refurbished.

    +1 If even that.
  12. ^ But is that not technically selling an "Open Box" CPU?!?!?
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