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I've fitted a Thermalright si-128 to my AM2 board with the supplied retention clip.

Trouble is its such a pain to fit, locking the arm in place that the heatsink spins around while your doing it.

Also when finally secured the heatsink will still spin without much effort.

As a result when I removed the heatsink it had worn a small circle into the cpu where no thermal paste was.

On the Thermalright website theres a much better looking bolt down fitting but I can't find it anywhere to buy.

Just wondered if anyone else has one fitted to AM2 board and what they think of the fixings?
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  1. Hi, yeah I looked at the bolt through kit but it doesn't say that it supports the SI-128?

    I have the Thermalright retention bracket and this fiddly bracket.

    2nd pic down, bracket on the left.

    What I need is this, but can't find it anywhere?

    See step 7,8,9,10.

  2. None of them list SI-128 support but it might be worth a try.
  3. beanoslim said:
    None of them list SI-128 support but it might be worth a try.
  4. Nice :sol: I've sent them a message.

    They were very helpful, some of the new brackets fit the SI-128 even though support is not listed.

  5. davcon said:

    Hi, I've ordered some brackets from Thermalright and saved a packet.

    I'd like to select you as a best answer but how the [:aford10:1] do you do it??
  6. Great! glad you found it.
    Best Answer is found on the bottom right of your original thread.
  7. Nope still can't find it.

    Got edit/quick edit/add to the list of quoted messages and reply??
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