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Okay i have a problem iv been working on a little for the last few days here are the facts as i have them.

i bought a prebuilt HP system works fine runs windows 7.
My power supply was junk and the case was so tiny the micro atx fit to the sides.
I bought a new case and new mother board (atx micro p5g41cm lx) and a 800 watt corsair power supply also
i had installed a new ati hd 4350 in to the original HP so that came over to .
After moving every thing to the new case and mother board i tried to start up the system.
it boots and gets to the logo screen but the minute the logo starts to swirl in to view it stops flashes a blue screen and restarts.

This is what iv done to try and fix it none of it has worked.
- memory is compatible.
- moved parts back to hold mother board/ case so nothing got fried it works fine.
- hard drive works fine with old mother board so its not broken from what i can tell.
- I can not run in safe mode it just restarts.

any advice would help my first guess is maybe im having driver problems and i need to uninstall all my old hard ware before switching.
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  1. to be clear it wouldn't stop restarting even when the only new hard ware was the mother board
  2. all you need to do is format ur system from first ieither format and reinstall ur operating system . the reason why it keeps on restarting is cuz the drivers of the new hardware where not installed , u can put back all ur old hardware and install the new hardware drivers but thats a headache , i would personally install the new hardware then format the hard drive , install an operating system and then install the drivers [always get the latest drivers] .
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