WD10EZEX + WD3200BEKT advice me?

WD10EZEX 1tb 7200RPM 64MBCahe WD Blue 3.5in
WD3200BEKT 320gb 7.2K 16MB WD Black 2.5in

Core i5-3570K
2x 4GB

Presently using WD3200BEKT 2.5in WD Black 320gb Now i need storage. So going to purchase WD10EZEX 3.5in WD Blue
Which is the better idea?
1) Clone WD3200BEKT to WD10EZEX using Acronis (AF supported)


2) Just plug WD10EZEX secondary for Storage.

Which will give good performance?
Please read the spec if you are not clear.
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  1. I would choose option 2 and add it as storage. If you are interested in performance then get a SSD for OS and apps.
  2. Fresh install of OS on to WD10EZEX.

    Turn the WD3200 to backup storage drive.
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    Go for the Blue - just put one in my desktop and now using the original (reformatted) Hitachi 500gb as back up and for video rendering and pc now much quicker - and no noise apart from the fans. Had wondered about a WD black bt too many reports about the noise. Get about 150Mb/s most of the time and pc does seem quicker than before. Hope this helps.
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  5. Just an added though, make a boot partition on the blue, like 150GB to 250GB, keeps the OS from spreading all over the hard drive.
  6. agree with Tacoboy about splitting the drive - I did 450/450ish -also have 2x4Gb ram but using Asrock H77M (only bought i5-3750K coz only cost few £ more then non K)
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