Fried CPU or faulty GPU?

Hi guys, maybe someone can help me out here.

Fact: living on an island and can't get stuff easily, moved here and shipped my rig with me...

Bought a new i7-980X for thousand bucks...yeah...!!
Using an older GTX285 and have a new HD9750 in repairs, sniff.

I shipped my PC over here and since i had my older i7-920 on it i removed it and installed the new one, unfortunately and out of stupidity the fan was not connected running for about 5 min
I inspected my computer when i noticed that i had fragments on the screen and noticed that obviously i would need to connect the fan. Don't know why that happen since i use to configure rigs since years, must have been the bottle of wine earlier that night.

Anyways, after correcting my fault. the system still boots up but it takes ages for the video/screen to come live. it seems strange then, i suppose if i would have fried the cpu there would be nothing going on anymore? is this correct? the system tries to boot up and the fans spin high for about 2 minutes or more, then finally the bios boots up...that already my first concern since it is not normal and would boot into bios immediately after i power it on. then after 4-5 minutes in windows my screen goes blue/green and stays there and the system looks like it is in standby mode.

Previously, before i came to the island and i had it at home i had a nice ati hd9750 under the bonnet, and it happened just shortly before i left to come here that i had fragments on the screen and then the display went to one strange colour like blue with fragments or half the screen having fragments. I thought the card has a problem so i replaced it with my older gtx285 where the system was running again, however this card i thought did prior to buying the hd9750 also having a n issue, thus buying the new hd9750.

Now since i had this issue with the cpu, i am not sure what the problem could be, is it the graphic card or the CPU or the MB?

As mentioned before, at the moment the computer needs 4-5 minute to boot, actually it does not boot for several minutes and i see the led lights flicker, then it boots, i login to win7 and after 4-5 minutes the screen goes blue, green or similar colour and it seems to hang, no light indications anymore, nothing.

Any one experienced the same?

I asked our IT for a spare card but of course we don't have one, i will need to wait at least couple of months till the hd9750 is back, an option is right now to change my older cpu which i have with me to see whether the new cpu has been fried or not... geeks!
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  1. You're write the PC wouldn't boot if the CPU was indeed fried. However if it takes that long to boot it might by because your CPU is throttling down because of heat issues. Chech that the fan is working and ask your IT guy for some new thermal paste for the area between the CPU and heatsink.
  2. Thanks Mister G

    The fan is working and in bios it shows me 39 degrees celsius. i am worried that it had previously caused damage sicne it was without fan running for 5 minutes, should i also consider a bios update?
    the problem is that when it boots into windows i cant do much, only for 4-5 minutes until the screen goes blue, green, violet etc and stays there...

    thanks for your advice mate
  3. Get the BIOS update anyway since they usually improve system performance in other areas too. Have you thought about backing up your files and reformatting the hard drive to perform a clean reinstall?
  4. mister g said:
    Get the BIOS update anyway since they usually improve system performance in other areas too. Have you thought about backing up your files and reformatting the hard drive to perform a clean reinstall?

    Thanks mate, problem is i can use the pc running for only a couple of minutes until the screen turns to a static colour, i dont havea floppy disk installed, would have to find out how to patch the bios with usb? also, a memcheck is also possible with usb stick?

    its a fresh install previously done so it does not matter in regards of the backup but i dont think a re-install will solve the issue if i have the system turning static after 5 minutes, but its an option though you right...

  5. Have you tested that the monitor works right?
  6. the monitor is working but at the moment the graphic card spins very high, constantly and the display does not start up anymore the computer constantly restarts...
  7. I suspect the motherboard sustain damage. You need another computer to check the other components just to make sure. You could grab a third party software tool for a burn in check you motherboard. I have tried this one - what I did I go to the BIOS under hardware monitor then (careful) I touch the southbridge and northbridge to determine normal temp when I felt quite hot then I replace the motherboard and the problem is gone.
  8. thanks mate thinking of replacing it without the test with an ASUS Rampage III Extreme, should work thanks
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