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I have a low powered,all in one computer that I am using at a server.
it has Server 2008 as the OS
Because it is an all in one computer there isn't any more room in the case to put extra hard drives. So I am stuck with external, and it is an older computer with no esata connection so I am using USB. So everything is working fine but, all of my shares off of my USB drive as really slow like 5-15 MBs second. When I get 30-60 MBs on the internal drive shares.
I am using a 1 GB video file so it isn't a bunch of small files that can slow down the copy.
And I can copy stuff to the USB drive local from main drive to USB drive at 40-60 MBs a second, so the USB drive is plenty fast.

What is going on here??
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    To be honest, your trying to use a desktop as a server, an all-in-one at that.
    The 5-15 MBs is that over a network connection or a local transfer?
  2. LOL
    5-15 is over the network

    This is just my home network server, so it is only going to have 1 computer accessing it at a time, maybe 2 or 3 if there happens to be a lot of people home and using it. But that isn't ever going happen.
  3. *Update*
    I did another Transfer test and it was up to 30-60 megs. So it is just as fast as the internal drive.
    Not sure why it wasn't giving me this speed before. must have been indexing or something like that.

    Anyways I am a happy person again Thanks for your help
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  5. Also remember that there could be more things accessing the usb connection at the same time as the hard drive which will slow things down.
  6. Thanks good thing to know.:)
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