Is It Balanced ??

hi guys ,

well i am just about to purchase a sapphire hd 5670 1gb since it looks cheap and has an "ok" performance . the thing that bother me since the day i was planning to purchase it is my power supply !
take a look at my system features ;
core2duo 2.8 ghz processor
western digital 160 gb ?rpm IDE Connector hard drive
nvidia 9400gt graphics card [upgrading to hd 5670]
atx 450 watts power supply
lg dvd reader and burner [dvd-rom]
some random case
so now i going to upgrade my GPU to an hd 5670 and am going to add a 500 gb 7200 rpm western digital sata connector hard drive . I know they will work on my power supply but will it be balanced either won't have enough power for gaming, i mean when i will be playing gta IV for example will the power be balanced ieither the system won't crash cuz of low power !
do u think it will be a green light for me [100% great to go] , a yellow light [50% idon't know , my hands r itchy ] or a red light [ impossible ].In case of gaming

i am not a totally newbie in computers nor a pro but somewhere in between , i built a gaming pc and played far cry2 , cod mm and mm 2 , cyrsis and so , on medium setting cuz my budget was low and couldn't do any improvements since then .

Anyways pls help experts and thanks for ur generosity !!!!!
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  1. Those aren't DX11 titles and even if they are no way would they run in that mode with a HD 5670 so if i were u i'd snag one of those sub $100 GTS 250/ HD 4850 either which smokes the HD 5670 @@ Do state your model/make of that 450 watter u have?
  2. my PSU is some standard power supply , i got it with the "random case " its from "ATX " thats all i know , why i can't get a good brand one thats bcuz the stores in my area sell only "ATX" power supplies .
    abut te gpu "GTS 250/ HD 4850 " either are better than 5670 , so what are their costs !
  3. Well we need to determine if your current PSU can cut the mustard as far as powering a more current gaming set up @@ As for prices:

    On Egg USA

    GTS 250 - $110 onwards before rebates
    HD 4850 - $99 onwards before rebates
  4. ok how are we suppose to do that , just to mention played mass effect and fallout 3 with that psu!
  5. Hmm TS could take a pic of the PSU and post it here hehe
  6. registering in some photo sharing site !
  7. srry abut the delay didn't know how to upload it here so i uploaded it in some photo sharing site

  8. If thats 18A under the +12V its time to hit a decent 80+ PSU ^^
  9. in the second row under yellow it is +12v under it is 18A !!!

    "hit a decent 80+ PSU" didn't get it !
  10. I meant look to invest in an 80 plus certified PSU for your current and future gaming needs and peace of mind ^^
  11. ok that makes sense , did we forget something ....................................... ya how much watts should i also look for , the gts 250 as what i know works on a 450 watts power supply !
  12. Yes with 24-26A (most makers of GTS 250 would go with 26A) on the 12V @@
  13. 26 Amps on the/a 12V rail equates to 312 VoltAmps which is at least 220 watts.

    The GeForce GTS 250 is not anywhere near as power hungry as the GeForce GTX 260, and newer cards are far more power efficient.

    That said; I second the motion to look at 80 plus certified power supply units.
  14. thank u both scott and especially batucka for ur help , i went to a couple of computer stores in my area in the past hours and didn't find any 80 plus certified power supplies which was kinda sad , well i decided to wait until i come to the uk for a visit and purchase it from there !
  15. Yep happy shopping and u are welcomed ^^
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