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hi there everyone!
i just installed win7 ultimate 32bit on my new ssd in my laptop. its an ibm r50, with 768mb ram, a pentium m 1.4ghz cpu, the 32gb pata ssd, and afaik ati radeon mobility 7500 graphics. however, in win7, it just calls it a GENRIC VGA VIDEO ADAPTER or something like that. when i try to run games or multi-media stuff, it says i have no graphics acceleration and to check my drivers. i have tried a program i like called DRIVEREASY, and i have tried windows update. please help me find the drivers, and get my computer working better, thank you very much... :) and please dont tell me my laptop is a piece of crap. i already know that XD
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  1. that video adapter is too old, nearly 7 years old.... it doesn't even have driver support for vista...
    all you can do is go back to xp
  2. are there 3rd party drivers for it? would it help to go to 1.5gb ram?
  3. an according to the ibm r50 downloads page, drivers are included for vista in windows update, so shouldnt it work with the wonderful win7?
  4. its worth giving a try...
    usually vista drivers work with 7
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