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Everytime I start my computer it installs the drivers for the integrated gpu instead of the graphics card I put in the PCI-E. How do I get the computer to recognize the card I put in?
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  1. What OS? win7?

    What card? So after that just install the driver for your card....
  2. Go to the bios and change the graphics from integrated to pci. Then reconnect the cable to pci e and install the required

  3. Its Windows Vista 64 bit and a 8800 gt, going to try what Karthik said real quick and Ill get back to yah. But shouldn't clicking search for new hard ware detect the graphics card?
  4. Ok, i just reinstalled my 9400 gt with absolutely NO problem, mower power supply maxes out at 500watts, shouldnt that be enough for an 8800gt? Also when I put the 8800gt the fan runs 100% but the computer still wont detect it.
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    Hmm, then try your card(8800GT) in different PC, see if the same problem exist then you have a bad card...
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