My first build, compatible?

Hey there. this is my first time building a computer and i found a great combo deal that i felt is pretty good for a gaming pc. since it was a combo deal i assumed everything would be compatible but as i read on i see "newegg doesnt guarantee compatibility of combo deals"

then my friend told me about this place and that you all knew what you were talking about, so here i am. here is the link to the combo deal: so is it compatible?

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  1. To be frank a $1.2k+ "gaming" config off a GTS 250 is the kind of machine slapped together by the boys from Dell/HP.....
  2. yeah i was a little concerned about the graphics card but since there was 2 of them i thought it would be ok, but like i said this is my first time so i dont really know a whole lot heh.
  3. Yeah, it's compatible. It's also a rather horrible build, and you can get a far better build for a much lower price if you buy individual components.

    For example - the CPU is an overkill, an i5-750 (or i5-760 for 10$ more) is more than adequate for any needs you're ever going to need. You also don't need an X58 motherboard, P55's are fantastic and allow for virtually any configuration you'd ever want (well, I'm assuming you're not planning on quad-SLI setups anytime soon). The GPU is pretty outdated, and I'm pretty sure you'll start feeling its age very soon as new games like Crysis 2 get released.

    Anyways, if what you're looking for a great gaming PC that's as future-proof as you can get without splurging ridiculous amounts of money, I suggest this:

    NVIDIA ‎Gigabyte GTX 460 1GB - 230$
    Intel Core i5-750 - 195$
    MSI P55-GD65 - $139.99 after $20.00 Mail-In Rebate
    Crucial 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR3-1333 - 94$
    Samsung Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB - 75$
    Cooler Master 690 Black - 60$
    SeaSonic X650W Gold X-Series - 140$

    Total: 794$ (through newegg). You can even add a second identical GPU for nearly double the gaming power, and you'd still be way below the deal you wanted to buy. I suggest you seriously taking a long-hard look at what it is you want. You've come to the right site, now all you need to do is research a bit to get your answer.

    That build is far superior to the "SuperCombo" deal you were eyeing at, and is close to 500$ cheaper. The truth is that any retailer is always looking at its own best interest, and simply loves to throw out these ridiculous overpriced deals at people who don't know any better.
  4. hey thanks, now that i look at it more it does seem like a bad deal heh. i usually try to stay away from combo deals but idk why i got interested in this one. you've been very helpful and i thank you for that.
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