Install faster ssd into existing win7 install

Existing SSD: OCZ Vertex 2 60GB SATA2
New SSD: Kingston Hyper X 3k 120GB SATA3
OS: Win7 Ult
Hardware: GA-P35-DQ6 (SATA2)

I've run out of space, and after reading TomsHardware guide on the best SSD's for the price, I plan on replacing with a Kingston HyperX 3k 120GB SSD, which is SATA 3, but I figure it'll max out my SATA2 controller more than the previous OCZ SATA2

My question is, will I see decent performance GHOSTING the old drive onto the new one ? Perhaps there's an SSD orientated defrag tool that can relocate the data in an optimal way for the Kingston ?

Or, am I better with a clean install ? It's a pain, reinstalling my apps and drivers, but it's not much of a problem for me (I'm just lazy :D )
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  1. You will need to use acronis true image or seagate disc wizard to clone over your ssd. You will not see much improvement over what you already have as you are using sata 3gb and new ssd uses sata 6 but it will run in sata 3 mode as they are backward compatible. when you clone the sandforce chip will set the data on the new ssd in the best way itself. Never defrag your ssd it will shorten the lifespan.
  2. Thanks kenny

    Sorry for confusion , I meant my old drive and controller are SATA 3 and the new drive is SATA 6. I'm guessing it will fully max out the controller with it being SATA 6 and backwards compat with SATA 3, so I'll see a bit of improvement.

    Really I need the new drive for the larger capacity, plus if I change my motherboard to something with a SATA 6 controller, the new drive can flex it's muscles so to speak

    Again, thanks for the reply.
  3. 1) Cloning from SSD to SSD is fine, you don't need to a clean install th ewin7.

    2) Because your MB has the SATA II only, it will limit the SATA III SSD performance. But in real world usage you will not notice the difference between of them. But in benchmark you will see the bigger difference.

    3) If you get the new MB w/ SATA III (better w/ intel SATA III), then you will get the maximum performance that SSD has.
  4. no problem
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