Will ATI RADEON HD 4800 SERIES 1GB give 100 fps in cs 1.6?

guys i want to buy a Desktop CPU from kijiji.com

here is a link

but i do not want to spend my money for nothing. will this CPU give me 99 fps for counter-strike 1.6?



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  1. Well, that graphics card is either a 4850 or 4870... it doesn't say, but in either case you will get well over 100 fps at max graphics and resolution with AA.
    And just so you know, the CPU is a tiny little part inside the box that makes the computer run. What usually matters for games is the graphics card, and that computer has a pretty good one.
  2. nice.. so i'll buy it. thanks
  3. That PC is good, go for it... :)

    And yes, you'll get over 100fps for just cs 1.6
    BTW, you only wasting it's performance if cs 1.6 is the only game that you play... :)
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