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My computer is a Dell Studio 540, I don't know anything about computers and Im trying to upgrade the card for the game APB (All Points Bulletin). The ATI Radeon 5570 was suggested but I have no idea if theres a better card or what cards are even compatible with my computer.
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  1. Please list some more info about your system (motherboard model and power supply specifically). Than have a look at this article to see which card is the best for your budget:,review-31911.html
  2. Beren, that isn't a bad recommendation. The 5570 has low power requirements for the power supplies that come with dell and gateway machines. It also places on the hierarchy charts with the HD 4670, in fact I believe it is intended to replace the 4670. It would play most games well at 1680X1050 (22inch monitor)
    It is a good budget video card.

    Without knowing more about you PSU, I think the most powerful card you could handle would bne the HD 5750:,2446-15.html

    MSI has one on sale now at newegg for $99 after rebate:
  3. BTW, when looking for video card recommendations you should list not only your PSU wattage but also find out how many amps are available on the +12V rail. If Dell doesn't have that info available, it may be listed on the power supply itself. Just open you side panel and look at the power supply.
  4. I also own a Dell Studio 540, the PSU is a Dell 350W model, and it has no PCI-E power connectors. I currently have a Radeon 4670 installed, will soon be upgrading the PSU and graphics card though.
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