Hey, I just got new hardware... what do you say about this combo!?

Just yesterday I bought all these parts:

Core i7 930, 2.8GHz, s1366, 8MB Tray   

ASUS - P6X58D Premium s1366 Core i7, Intel X58, DDR3 1600, 3xPCI-E

3x1GB Kingston Triple Channel   

Creative X-Fi Xtreme Audio   

WesternDigital - Caviar Black 1TB 7200RPM, 64MB, SATA III WD1002FAEX   

Thermaltake - V1 AX 110mm Blue Led CPU CL-P0508   

Antec - Two Hundred Mid Tower Gaming Black Case (No PSU)

Now, I have a 500Watts PSU form my old computer... and also the nVidia 8800GTS 640MB card, oh, and an LG burner.

So I thought on asking you what do you think of this combination just before I put all of this together since this is my first home built system.

Thankssss. ;)
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  1. Need more ram if you plan on running a 64bit O/s
    upgrade the gfx card and psu definately

    I hate to say it after you've bought it all, but you shoulda posted intended build on here and we could probably have got you a good system for less money :)
    Meh, live N' learn
    Have fun and keep us informed how it goes man,
  2. Moar RAM, ATI 5870, Corsair 750W
  3. Hey, thanks for the responses.

    I originally thought of buying 3x2GB RAM but I just didn't have enough.... but it will still work right?

    The graphics card can still be used though it's a bit old... right?
    I actually thought of buying another one like this to make an SLI combo (the 8800GTS is cheap nowadays).

    And my main concern is will the 500W PSU be enough?
  4. You should use a minimum of 4 GB ram, can you buy one more stick?

    That GPU is way behind. It's going to struggle on newer games.

    Get at least a 650 watt PSU if you upgrade your GPU.
  5. I don't know about the RAM 'cause right now with this old rig of mine I use like 1.5 giga of ram.
    And I have a capacity of 2GB.
    I don't think I'll use more than that... I think I can manage with 3GB for now.

    And by the way,
    On Intel's site it says "Product information ... 3 Channels of DDR3 1066 MHz memory"
    And I bought the 1333MHz...
    So is it compatible or... what's the deal here?
  6. Anything above 1066 is OC
  7. 3GB might not be optimum, but you aren't likely to "suffer" for it. Just get more later.
    As to the GPU, it depends on the games you want to play. If you play games from a few years ago, at moderate resolutions, you'll be ok. If you want to play today's games, especially at 1920x1080 or better, anticipate low-medium settings. Getting another 8800GTS for SLI would be a waste of money, when a single new card, though more expensive, would outperform them.
    You didn't need the sound card. Modern motherboards have pretty decent sound now.
    A decent PSU has full range active PFC (no little voltage switch) and is 80+ certified for efficiency. If your old PSU doesn't measure up, replace it (possibly with money from returning the sound card). Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, and Enermax are among the better brands. If your old PSU was just a cheapie that came in the case, you don't want to risk your nice new parts on it. For a single graphics card, 500W is enough for any but the very top of the line cards. You got a great CPU though, so assuming you want to balance it (someday) with a pair of strong GPUs, you're more likely to want 750W-850W. Up into that range, you can add the NEW 80+ certified XFX and Coolermaster PSUs for quality, but not the OLD, in either (old Coolermasters are overrated garbage). I'd still buy Antec myself, but a lot of people around here like Corsair. Neither brand knows how to make a bad PSU, although the <=430W Basiq from Antec is no better than mediocre.

    Edit: Your RAM is compatible. Your mobo takes RAM in sets of three, so don't get just one more stick. You'd have 4GB, but performance would be dragged down from running in single-channel mode. Most people get 3x2GB assuming their budgets allow it; your 3x1GB will run pretty well until you get another 3x1GB kit or a 3x2GB kit.
  8. - "You didn't need the sound card. Modern motherboards have pretty decent sound now."
    I know, that's just because "Oblivion" needed a sound card to stop shuttering...
    So since then I just don't trust the on-board chip as much.

    By the way, what would be a good sound system for this kind of card... do you know what kinds of specs I need to look for in a sound system?

    And yes, of course, I do plan on playing all the newest games... so I guess I'll buy a GPU next month or so.

    - "If your old PSU was just a cheapie that came in the case, you don't want to risk your nice new parts on it."
    It is a cheapie that came in the case...
    but why would it be risking....?
    It's still a 4yr old 500W PSU, no?
  9. I am not a good one to ask about speakers. I'm deaf in one ear, so I don't even hear stereo. I just use a 2.1 system because I like the bass a subwoofer provides. Anything more for me would be a waste.
    If you want to play the newest games, check benchmarks done at your preferred resolution. If you prefer nVidia, I would suggest a GTX460 ($200). If you choose ATi, most people would tell you to get at least a HD5850 ($290), but if your budget can't stomach such a high price for one GPU, you might find a HD5770 ($150) acceptable, particularly if your resolution is no higher than 1680x1050 and/or you're willing to lower a setting or two.
    Your old "500W" PSU was probably never good for more than 350W, and capacitor aging has no doubt further reduced that. Cheap PSUs may be suitable for powering a few light bulbs, but the electrically noisy, often out-of-spec voltages they tend to put out (especially when stressed) will kill delicate electronics, if not in a bang/flash, then over time. Often, it IS a bang/flash when they die, and they don't like to die alone. I would suggest reading some of the PSU tutorial material at www.hardwaresecrets.com; then read some of their PSU reviews, and also a few at www.jonnyguru.com. Fortunately, both Antec and Corsair make some decent PSUs that won't break the bank, and there are often specials on them; I picked up a 550W Antec Truepower New for $60 not long ago, and their Earthwatts series almost always have one or more models discounted. Even without a deal, $70-$80 seems a reasonable price to pay for what is arguably the most important component in your system.
  10. I just bought my new Speakers... which are the SUNKYO SK-777 5.1.

    You just gave me a second thought about using my old PSU... you're probably right, I should buy a new one.

    Umm, another thing.. Is it healthy to use my old WD-180GB SATA II HD together with my new WD-1TB SATA III HD?
    My motherboard supports it... so why not, right?
  11. As long as its not knackered no reason not to :)

  12. You can use whatever drives your mobo supports. For best results, put the O/S on the fastest drive you install.
  13. Well, thanks for the pointers.

    You guys helped me a lot, thank you!
  14. Glad to be of some assistance man,
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