8800gts 320Mb upgrade

Good morning to all,

My PC currently has a 8800gts 320Mb POV card that needs upgrading :-)

I was thinking of either buy another 8800gts and SLI it (I have another PCI-E slot in the motherboard and a good enough PSU for that or just replacing the card completely with a better one. The 8800gts sli option is obviously cheaper but I do not know whether it delivers the bang that I want. Would an sli 8800gts 320Mb compare with a single gtx465, for example?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I used to have the exact same card (the Sparkle version), and while it was a decent GPU for its day, even two of them in SLI would not keep up with most new cards.

    List you complete system specs, and I'll help you hunt for a decent replacement.
  2. I think that's not a good idea to SLI two 8800GTS, draws more power and produce a lot amount of heat...

    Tell us your complete specs here also how much do you want to spend...
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