New motherboard and I need to reinstall windows 7. HELP ME

I got a new motherboard and cpu today. (asrock extreme4 and an i5 3570k). I installed them but i've run into a problem. I need to reinstall windows 7 onto my computer and install the new mobos drivers etc. My old hardrive has loads of programs and games on it. it's a 500gb western digital caviar drive. I also have a brand new 250gb wd caviar drive that I just got today. Can I install windows 7 onto the brand new 250gb hardrive and still use all the programs on the 500gb hardrive even though the 500gb hardrive also will have windows 7 installed to it. Sorry if it doesn't make all that much sense but I really need help!?!
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  1. The short answer is no, programs will have to be reinstalled if you reinstall Windows. The somewhat longer answer is that so long as the program doesn't need some registry entries and other changes to the system, then it will work. However, knowing which programs fall into what category is the problem.
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