New build not working?

I currently am running:

AMD Athlon II X3 435 2.9Ghz

MSI GF615M-P33

4GB DDR3 Ram 1333Mhz

500w Power supply

Nvidia GTS 250 1GB green edition

First day or so my PC ran fine, was running games on crazy high setting with high FPS. For some reason the performance seems to be gradually deteriorating, first few days, running very slow, cant run Team Fortress 2 on low settings and very low resolution which is just stupid. But even on the internet and booting up it feels very sluggish. I am running Windows 7 and it has even crashed twice in the last two days!

Ive only had this PC a week or so and obviously its possible for new parts to be faulty, so please suggest if you think one in particular is!

Please reply ASAP so i can use the 30 refund/exchange policy, thanks in advance!
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  1. I Need FULLY DETAILED Hardware Specs, Model, Manufacturer Etc., But My First Guess Would Be A Software Issue
  2. 2 x EXTRA VALUE 2GB DDR3 1333MHz Memory Module 1.5V CL9 192047 Warehouse Invoiced Track £27.78 £55.56

    1 x Shiny Piano Red/Black Mid Tower Case with Colour LCD Display - No PSU 134826 Warehouse Invoiced Track £17.01 £17.01

    1 x AMD Athlon II X3 435 2.9GHz Socket AM3 1.5MB L2 Cache Retail Box Processor 176043 Warehouse Invoiced Track £51.83 £51.83

    1 x MSI GF615M-P33 GeForce 6150SE Socket AM3 VGA 8 channel Audio mATX Motherboard 177224 Warehouse Invoiced Track £34.57 £34.57

    1 x (free accessory) NVIDIA CUDA DVD 222704 Warehouse Invoiced Track £0.00 £0.00

    1 x Nexos Shiny Red Multimedia Keyboard - USB/PS2 UK Layout 132137 Warehouse Invoiced Track £4.33 £4.33

    1 x Silver 5 Button Wireless Optical Mouse With USB Charging Dock 132124 Warehouse Invoiced Track £4.24 £4.24

    1 x Inno3D GTS250 Green Edition 1GB GDDR3 DVI VGA HDMI Out PCI-E Graphics Card 222570 Warehouse Invoiced Track £82.27 £82.27

    1 x Casecom Silver 500W PSU - With 12cm Red LED Fan, 20+4pin 1x SATA, 1x PCI-E 129423 Warehouse Invoiced Track £15.31 £15.31

    1 x Arctic Silver 5 High-Density Polysynthetic Silver Thermal Compound Thermal paste 3.5gram 126410 Warehouse Invoiced Track £4.70 £4.70

    All ordered from for reference
  3. Try Using The Latest Nvidia Driver From The Website, As Well As All The Other DriversMake Sure They Are The VERY latest, Faulty Power Supplys Have Been Know To Cause These Issues
  4. AND....

    Ive Noticed That Your Running A Cheap Power Supply, Get A Better Quality Name Brand (Corsair, Thermaltake Etc.) With The Following Recommendations Regardless Of Your Actual Issue In The End, Cheap Power Supplies Are Gauranteed To Cause Problems...... 1. NAME BRAND, 2. 550 Watts Or Better, 3. 80+ Certified, 4. Active PFC, 5. SINGLE Rail

    Also Make Sure Your Antivirus Is Up To Date And Run A Scan, Check For Spyware (Dont Use The Spyware Scanner Included With Windows, Its Crap, Id Reccomend "Spybot Search And Destroy") Run A Registry Cleaner & Tuneup App, For That Id Recommend; "CCleaner"
  5. Yes I've got ALL the latest drivers and have ensured there is no virus on the PC,

    does this mean its very probable that its the power supply?
  6. Is Arctic Power a reputable brand?
  7. Also, my disk drive and HDD are IDE temporarily and are both running off the same ribbon cable, this wouldn't effect anything would it?
  8. If You Can Id Reccomend Putting Your IDE Devices On Seperate Cables If You Can. For The Purpose Of Speed, But Its Not A Problem. If The Power Supply Costs More Than $90.00 US Then Its A Reputable Brand, LOL. Does It Meet The Requrements I Stated?
  9. Ye I cant theres only one IDE slot. Its £30.00GBP so about $60, it doesnt say to be honest mate, heres a link:
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